Symposium Qualitative Organisations- und Managementforschung – 4./5. Sept. 2008

Posted on Monday 21 July 2008

Ein Symposium für qualitativ forschende SozialwissenschaftlerInnen in der Organisations- und Managementlehre

Hochschule Luzern – Wirtschaft, 4.-5. September 2008

Prof. Dr. Eva Nadai: „Messen und klassieren. Eine ethnographische Annäherung an „Leistung“ in Unternehmen“
Dr. René John: „Funktionale Analyse. Beobachtung zwischen Fixierung und Überraschung“
Prof. Dr. Christof Baitsch: „Die Probe aufs Exempel: Bewährt sich qualitative Organisationsberatung?”
Dr. Andrea Buss Notter & Simone Schauber: „Qualitative Forschung in der Finanzwelt. Ãœber Mögliches und Unmögliches aus der Praxis der GfK Schweiz”

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Kaudela-Baum, Hochschule Luzern
Dr. Jens O. Meissner, Hochschule Luzern,
Prof. Dr. Patricia Wolf, ETH Zürich


Ab sofort kann man sich für das Symposium vom 4./5. September 2008 anmelden.

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unBla.07 Reviewed

Posted on Monday 26 February 2007

The IRE Network reviewed the unBla.07 conference … the report is here:

News from the IRE Network Members

More detailled impressions from unBla.07 can be found on the unBla.07 video blog page courtesy of Roger Lévy from

Other reports include:

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UnBla.07, 24-26 Jan. 2007

Posted on Wednesday 12 July 2006

Regional Innovation – Central Switzerland
UnBla.07 What can we share what can we learn

Regional Innovation is the main theme of the UnBla.07 conference; and Central Switzerland is the field of application. This region is currently developing a Regional Innovation Strategy. The strategy will help making this dynamic, visible region more competitive and an even better place to live in.
The questions that UnBla.07 addresses are centred around this Regional Innovation Strategy. They cover three main areas:

1. Supporting a whole region to remain innovative
2. Telling the stories of regional innovators
3. The positive effects of disturbing innovation processes


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Contactivity Greenwich, 10-11 April 2006

Posted on Wednesday 12 April 2006

KnowledgeBoard hosted Contactivity at the University of Greenwich on the 10th and 11th April in partnership with The London Knowledge Network and The Gurteen Knowledge Network.

Contactivity was a very practical two day gathering of 64 Knowledge Management (KM) practitioners, academics and consultants, modelled within a Community of Practice (CoP) framework across both the virtual and physical worlds. It was the second event in a series – the first was held at KCC Europe in Amsterdam, November 2005.

Read the full report on Contactivity on

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KM Fringe, 7-8 Nov. 2005

Posted on Saturday 12 November 2005

KnowledgeBoard hosted the ‘Fringe’ track at KCC Europe in Amsterdam on 7-8 November, 2005. We enjoyed 8 workshops from different KB members and partner networks, all of which were in response to our call for workshops earlier this year.

All of the workshops were different, interactive and stimulating; we had only one ‘sit back and listen’ presentation at the end as a ‘digestif’ and thought leader. Workshop attendance ranged from approximately 10 to 60.

Read the full report on KM Fringe on

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