unBla is collecting, exchanging and developing methods and event concepts that support knowledge transformation and interaction in heterogenous groups of participants. unBla methods are suitable for small, medium and large group sizes.

unBla provides the interaction platform for companies, organisations, communities and the like across Europe who need to solve complex problems that require radical innovation, network and community building, and the production of numerous and diverse solutions.

unBla offers a different form of conferencing. This includes pre-event, event and post-event care for activities that lead to a tangible result for the host organisations. An unBla conference typically does not exceed 100 delegates who will have to demonstrate their own interest in the topic.

The topics of unBla conferences are a set of real-life problems, set by the host organisations of the conference. The hosts act as experts of their problems. As ‘locals’, they provide the context of the conference; they are ‘knowledge seekers’.

Guests from outside – ‘the travellers’ – act as ‘knowledge carriers’, as catalysts and fertilizers. They bring their own local knowledge from other parts of Europe and the world. In the conference, this knowledge is brought together, assembled, and applied to the problem. Thus, UnBla is also integrating the local, ‘sticky’ and the global ‘ubiquitous’ knowledge. It opens the often positive view from the outside.

Typical topics or problems addressed at an UnBla conference could be policy development, personal, organisational, or regional development, or innovation.

unBla builds on the legacy and the spirit of ‘KM Fringe’ at KCC Europe (Amsterdam, November 2005) and ‘Contactivity’ (Greenwich/London, April 2006). These were held under the auspices of Knowledgeboard. They explored how a conference could be productive, instead of reproductive, and how participants could not only listen, but also start talking to each other.